Outplacement Programs

Downsizing or ‘Rightsizing’ the organisation can be a painful process!

The impact is felt by those whose positions are made redundant, those ‘survivors’ who remain, as well as team leaders and managers tasked with those difficult conversations and decisions.

In this environment, it is essential that the negative impact on the ongoing business is minimised and the team feels empowered and supported to proceed with confidence.

Our 360HR professionals will work closely to understand specific organisational needs and provide practical advice, coaching and support at every stage of the downsizing journey.

At all times, the overarching 360HR principal is:

“Downsize with Dignity” Download the brochure here

Career Support Program

‘On the Bench’, the 360HR Career Support Program is invaluable for individuals or groups.

The elements of the program are structured to meet the specific needs of participants and includes topics such as:

  • ‘On the bench’ – Managing in a world of change
  • ‘What do you want to play now?’ – Current capabilities and career goals
  • ‘Your coaching team’ – How and where to access support services
  • ‘Your player profile’ – Identify possible career paths and a range of career building strategies
  • ‘Where is the game being played?’ – Job search techniques including use of social networks
  • ‘Your training schedule’ – Job seeking activity plans
  • ‘The selection trials’ – Interview skills
  • ‘Back on the team – playing to win’ – Maintaining motivation and activity focus

Our 360HR career support team create a trusting environment where professional tips and techniques are combined with extensive care and encouragement working towards win-win outcomes.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“I would recommend this programme to others, as it provides positive, well researched methods and tools, for the next step in one’s career.”

“The content is excellent in improving insights and techniques to reflect on my previous job and finding the next one.”

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