Paralympic Workplace Diversity Program

Join the growing group of Australian organisations who have discovered the benefits of having a Paralympian as part of their team!

The Paralympic Workplace Diversity Program provides employment placement for our Paralympic athletes with organisations that value diversity and want to support Paralympians with employment opportunities.

These elite athletes bring their champion attitudes and attributes into the workplace and make a difference. They also accept the challenge of being a ‘Diversity Ambassador’ and help break down the barriers to employment of people with a disability.

360HR is the proud custodians of this unique program which has been operating for over five years.

Paralympic heroes


The team at 360HR have assisted the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to recruit new employees through the Paralympic Workplace Program. 360HR understands the importance of opening up employment opportunities for people with disability and the benefits of a diverse workforce to break down barriers to exclusion.

The Paralympians who have been recruited through 360HR are high performers who are assets to our organisation. I would recommend the services of 360HR to any organisation that is seeking to recruit individuals with specific skills.
Teresa Hart, Director of Recruitment and Workforce Planning
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
360HR were extremely helpful in keeping me up to date with what was going on and were happy to answer any of my questions at any time. Before my interview they made sure I was aware of what I would come up against in the interview and this made it much easier for me to be myself. I had never done an interview with a panel of people before so from the tips 360HR had given me I was much more prepared for anything that may have been thrown at me. The Paralympic Diversity Workplace Program is fantastic for the athletes who have joined it. My employer has been so supportive of my swimming and athletic career... everyone is happy.
Matt Levy
Paralympic Swimmer
Thank you 360hr for your support and perseverance in finding me the perfect job to fit in with my sporting career and commitments. By supporting Paralympic athletes off the field, this enables us to perform at our best on the field.
Sara Rose
Paralympic Swimmer