Key characteristics you need in your next Call Centre Professional

September 28, 2018

Get a 360° view here of the key characteristics you need in a Call Centre Professional.

What do changes to flexible working arrangements mean for your business?

September 27, 2018

Changes to Flexible Working Arrangements Blog Image

Employers need to know about the changes to Flexible Working Arrangements under section 65 of the Fair Work Act and the relevance to their businesses.

Bringing fundraising into Wesley Mission’s heart

September 24, 2018

Case Study Wesley Mission Fundraising Recruiting

While Wesley Mission is known for their charitable work conducted through over 130 programs, its fundraising capacity needed improvement.

Key characteristics of a Cyber Security Specialist

September 17, 2018

360HR Anatomy of a Cyber Security Specialists Infographic

Get a 360° view here of the key characteristics you need in a Cyber Security Specialist.

Top 5 Tips when Engaging an HR Consultant for your Business

September 13, 2018

Top 5 tips engaging an HR Consultant for your Business Infographic

Over the 17 years we’ve been working with businesses, providing HR consulting and support, we’ve consistently seen many small to medium businesses thinking about HR when there is an acute issue to be addressed.

Strengthening recruitment throughout an organisation

September 07, 2018

360HR Case Study A S Harrison

With four distinct strategic business units (SBUs), leading specialty chemical supplier, A S Harrison & Co, found itself with an inconsistent recruitment process that was not streamlined across each SBU.

Do you have an HR Issue? The 6 Questions You Must Ask!

September 03, 2018

Do you have an HR issue 6 Questions to ask

Having the right workplace policies and procedures in place is essential for all organisations, whether you are a small business with five employees or a larger organisation with multiple offices.

Anatomy of an Event Manager

August 30, 2018

360HR Infographic Event Manager Banner

Get a 360° view of the key characteristics you need in an event manager.

Finding locals to allow a geo-data firm to stay global

August 28, 2018

360HR Case Study - 1Spatial Blog Hero

Recruiting the right Data Specialist is never a walk in the park.

Entrepreneurs of tomorrow getting insights into the HR essentials of today

August 28, 2018

Sean Cookson 360HR with The Academy of Entrepreneurs students

Diploma students at Academy of Entrepreneurs spent the morning with 360HR’s GM, Sean Cookson, learning about the Top 5 HR risks for start-ups and small businesses.