75% of Fortune 500 organisations use DISC profiling!

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DISC psychometric assessments are designed to increase the understanding of an individual including their behaviours, motivators and emotional intelligence.

Utilising DISC Assessments you can:

  • Improve interviewing and hiring outcomes
  • Develop high performing teams
  • Minimise communication challenges
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Achieve greater personal effectiveness

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“When you understand your behavioural style and learn to recognise the behavioural style of others you are more able to adapt and blend your style for greater more effective communication and relationships.”
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“A motivator is a way of looking at life, a mindset, an influence on every decision we make. They help identify the personal motivation needed to be satisfied on the job and in our personal lives.”
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“EQ is a measure of your ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of your emotions and the emotions of others in order to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.”
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Case Study and Testimonial

Find out how 360HR inspired a group of leaders to become a team through a strategic DISC assessment initiative – read the HTN case study.

An inspiring process that has allowed HTN's senior staff to vastly improve how we collaborate and work together as a team.
Michael Bennett, Chief Executive Officer