Set the right course to reach your end-result

The shortest way to reach end-results is rarely clear. Your direction in a particular area could be off-course, or unnecessary detours and side-tracks could be slowing you down.

By teaming up with the consultants who’ve delivered results for a number of major globally recognised brands and Government agencies, you’ll refocus on your outcomes and obtain a clear roadmap to reach them. Whether you need strategies for long-term growth or short-term bootstrapping, you’ll access consulting services tailored for your industry and size of organisation – from start-ups and not-for-profits to large public and private enterprises.

360HR's management consulting services include:

Review and develop your business transformation strategies to remove roadblocks and accelerate results.

Analyse strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats throughout your organisation and industry.

Understand requirements and challenges, and uncover the best ways to reach your objectives.

360HR Inquiry and Consulting Tools

To ensure recommendations are built upon the strongest possible foundations, 360HR uses a number of methodologies to pinpoint your organisation’s unique challenges and opportunities, including, but not limited to, Appreciative Inquiry Process, Porter’s 5 Forces and Core Competencies analysis.

Here's what our Customers are saying

We initially engaged Di Pass from 360HR in her capacity as a Management Consultant to review our sales and marketing strategy and activity. Building on her extensive professional background in this field, she brought credibility, professionalism and an open, engaging style. She quickly gained the trust of our team, questioned and listened actively and provided the Institute with a detailed report and a multitude of recommendations. We soon learned that Di Pass goes the extra mile. She not only advised us about better ways to engage clients, she opened doors and led us with her.
Kevin Harris, Chief Executive (former)
The Northern Sydney Institute - TAFE
360HR made a significant contribution to our fundraising program, specifically on our annual Race Day, and also secured a major gift while working on our Major Gifts Program.
Jim, O'Brien, CEO
Wheelchair Sports NSW