Ensure you downsize with dignity and restructure the right way

When you must let people go, your entire organisation can flounder. Suddenly staff and executive morale decreases for those remaining and leaving. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, with the right combination of outplacement, HR and coaching services you can strengthen rather than weaken your organisation.

To insulate results and outcomes during the downsizing (or “rightsizing”) process, you need to consider how to:

  • Empower your managers to trim your workforce strategically by focusing on positions rather than people
  • Give individuals facing redundancy support that is ethically and morally decent and aim for people to leave on a positive note
  • Give your transition a narrative about renewal that galvanises all levels within your reshaped organisation

Outplacement Programs

If you interested in implementing an out-placement program – here are the top 5 things to consider.

To date, 360HR has enabled many organisations to restructure while still supporting their work culture and long-term outcomes and results.

To team up with an HR partner who’ll keep your objectives at the centre of a leading set of outplacement services, talk to an HR Specialist today.

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"The content is excellent in improving insights and techniques to reflect on my previous job and finding the next one."
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