Talent Sourcing & Recruitment

Recruit successfully, strategically and skilfully

With recruitment also comes risk. Which is why tomorrow’s results, performance, capacity, productivity, work culture, leadership and teamwork depend upon who and how you hire today.

To match what you need with who walks through your front door, you not only need robust assessment processes and wide networks, you also need someone who understands your job market, industry and work culture.

With 360HR you’ll team-up with an HR partner who understands how your industry and organisation work. Our recruitment services allow you to:
  • Access one of the industry’s largest professional networks, built up since 2001, for both permanent and executive recruitment and contractor recruitment and Government Recruitment Services.
  • Bring people skills into the heart of your business with an HR partner who’ll stay by your side for the long haul.
  • Assess your candidates comprehensively with relevant criteria that’s tied to workplace performance.
Since 2001, 360HR have successfully placed hundreds of executives into leadership roles.  In fact, a substantial number of these executives have valued our skills, ethics and processes so deeply, they’ve subsequently recruited their own leaders and senior managers through us.

By leveraging our extensive networks and in-depth industry experience, recruit your next high-performing individual or team. You’ll find recruiters specialising in a wide range of industries including engineering, technical, management, finance, accounting, human resources HR, WHS, quality, sales, marketing, not for profit, contact centre, government and more.
They each have extensive expertise in networking and search, to find the right candidates for you!

More businesses are looking to temp and contract labour to fulfil short and medium term needs in their staffing.

To recruit extra personnel fast, to fill a highly- skilled niche role, or to sidestep the risks of taking on full-time team members, temporary or contract staff can be an excellent short-term solution.

360HR has experience within the Government sector that spans many years and we are an approved supplier under the following NSW Government Pre-Qualification Schemes:

  • SCM0012 – TAS – Talent Acquisition Scheme
  • SCM0007 – Contingent Workforce
  • SCM0005 – Performance and Management Services