Your talent-spotter and head-hunter

To recruit executive and permanent staff successfully, you need clarity. Yet there’s a widespread misunderstanding about which selection practices actually predict job performance.

For these important permanent and executive roles that build your success, results and brand, 360HR enables you to:

  • Go wide before you go deep – we make your funnel as wide as possible by accessing one of Australia’s broadest and carefully curated professional networks
  • Look at candidates from different angles – using robust assessment processes, 360HR examines a range of selection criteria to pinpoint your best candidates
  • Use care, delicacy and finesse – 360HR turns your job description into a sales pitch and makes your business aspirations harmonise with the individual aspirations of high-performing candidates

Over the past 17 years, 360HR have successfully placed hundreds of executives into leadership roles.  In fact, a substantial number of these executives have valued our skills, ethics and processes so deeply, they’ve subsequently recruited their own leaders and senior managers through us.

By leveraging our extensive networks and in-depth industry experience, recruit your next high-performing individual or team. You’ll find recruiters specialising in particular industries, including cutting-edge fields such as Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cyber-Security and more.

We have a passion for specialists and we’ve narrowed down the key characteristics you’ll need in your next high-performer, including communications officers and GIS specialists.

Client Testimonials

Richard has recruited a variety of personnel for us within sales, marketing and technical roles over the past five years including senior executives. He has developed a good understanding of our business needs, is always reliable and handles the recruitment process in a very professional manner.
Graham Wright, National Sales Manager
I would highly recommend coming to 360HR and working with Patrick and his team if you are looking for a job. He is well connected, helps you prep correctly for interviews and takes the time to make sure you are the right candidate for the job. I love my new job and it's thanks to working with 360HR that I'm in the right job for me and the organisation.
Renee Mansfield, Communications Manager