Hiring the right person for the right job has always been a challenge. Will the candidate fit the culture? Will their skills be adequate? Will the questions asked at the interview capture a true reflection of the candidate, or will they simply provide a distorted view of their capabilities?

Job interviews haven’t changed that much over time. There is still the awkward, nervous wait beforehand, the small talk, and the common questions like “Tell me about yourself”. Many managers still use interview questions that are way past their use-by date.

However, other aspects of the interview have changed considerably. Technology plays a much bigger role. We now use Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime and Zoom to conduct interviews. With the introduction of all these new technologies, should we be reconsidering the type of questions to ask in order to ensure we’re hiring the right person for the job?

Common interview questions and their expected answers are plastered all over the internet. Candidates know that the best way to answer these questions is to (rightly) assume before they even get to the interview that they will be asked. Which is why so many candidates are doing their homework on the internet ahead of time.

Every candidate who has taken the time to research and practice will sound remarkable. Unfortunately, most candidates will sound remarkably similar! Employers who continue to use traditional interview questions will face the risk of recruiting someone who interviews well but is unsuitable for the job.

So what incisive interview questions should employers be asking to distinguish the high-performing from the well-rehearsed candidates?

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