What’s the best way to hire? There might be a different answer to that question in a few short years, as data analysis and algorithms are predicted to replace 16% of HR jobs within the next decade (Undercover Recruiter).

The integration of data-driven insights into recruitment processes could make the quest to find the next bright spark candidate easier and quicker, thereby saving you time and money. It’s not just a case of finding the right candidate that data can help with, but also finding the best fit, assessing a candidate’s online presence and matching it to company values.

What does this mean in real terms? It means that as data analysis and algorithms are becoming increasingly proficient at analysing and interpreting mountains of data, and doing so faster than ever before, organisations have the chance to build better, more efficient and highly successful recruitment practices.

Most recruiters see the benefits in the idea of running algorithms against the increasingly large data becoming available on candidates through social media, professional assessments and other channels. Others are apprehensive by the mere thought of using numbers and faceless data in their selection process. But, if your competitors are starting to regularly snatch the best candidates from the hiring pool, should you start embracing this complex technology?

Find out if data-driven insights and algorithms can improve your hiring decisions.

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