Career Support

Helping you move on quickly and confidently

The 360HR ‘On the Bench’ Career Support program has been designed specifically to assist individuals who have lost their jobs or those seeking a career change, to stand out from the job-seeking crowd and move forward positively to new opportunities.

With increased demand for every job currently, ‘On the Bench’ will help you leave no stone unturned to be successful and be able to present the BEST YOU possible!

360HR's Career Support Program

Using the universal theme of sport, the 360HR Career Support Program, ‘On the Bench’, is a one-on-one program designed for individuals at all career levels and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our program will provide practical support during your career transition and change. You will be provided with hundreds of helpful tips and tools and online guides, face-to-face or online coaching sessions with a career coach, professional career assessments, telephone, video and email support, and introductions to additional services.

You will work through 7 comprehensive modules with your career coach:

Reasons and responses to change.

People react differently to change depending on their own personal circumstances and their understanding of the process.

This module will introduce participants to the reasons for change, typical responses to change and how we can stay productive throughout the process.

Current capabilities and career goals.

One of the advantages of being “on the bench” is that you can review what you want to do next.

This module allows you to research YOU! The process will give you a greater understanding of your interests, passions, skills, experiences and values.

Creative and effective resumes and online profiles.

Sports professionals and their managers create a ‘player profile’. When it comes to job seeking, your Player Profile is your resume. You must first be noticed before you deserve to be heard!

This practical module will help you build creative and effective player profiles (resumes, LinkedIn, website, etc) using the knowledge you gained in Module 2. You will also learn how to write stand-out applications, cover letters and selection criteria to gain that advantage over other job seekers.

Job search techniques, including the use of social networks.

To get back into the game, you need to know where the game is being played! To get back into work, you need to know where there are work opportunities.

This module provides you with all the tools and tips on searching for your next job… from online job boards and employment agencies, to social networking. Keep a record of your job search activities with a handy online Job Search Activity Journal.

Interview skills.

What are interviewers looking for? Part of your game plan is to understand the interviewer’s strategy. 

This module will provide you insight into a winning interview, how to prepare before, during and after, the the types of questions to consider, the types of interview to expect and how to negotiate the game rewards.


Maintaining motivation and activity focus.

Congratulations! You’ve played and won! You have secured a new role and it is time to celebrate. It is also time to plan the most effective strategies for creating a successful path for yourself in your new role.

This module looks at how to succeed in your new job and how to maintain your fitness and eligibility for selection.

How and where to access support services.

A regular activity of elite athletes is to have their skill levels measured. This valuable feedback enables them to plan activities to improve skill levels in identified areas.

This module will provide you with all the support resources you need, from suggested development activities and assessments to investment and financial advice services.

Ready to take the next step in your career journey?

Invest in a program where professional tips and techniques are combined with extensive care and encouragement… your future career is waiting!