This page is for the reference of 360HR’s contract and temporary on-hires.

Your Pay

Our aim is to ensure your pay is always accurate and on time. 

Typically the 360HR pay cycle is weekly, with payment available in your bank account by Thursday of the week following, at the latest.


Download a 360HR timesheet:

First week induction

Download your First Week Induction Checklist:

Safety advice

Safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility! Follow our safety advice:

  • Follow workplace policies and procedures
  • Discuss with your supervisor if you are having difficulties managing your workload
  • Contact your 360HR team member if your supervisor asks you to do other activities which are outside your original work brief
  • Report accidents, incidents and maintenance issues
  • Let your employer know if you are experiencing any discomfort that may be caused by your work
  • Practice strict personal hygiene (e.g. wash your hands and use hand sanitisers)

For more information on safety at work go to Safety.