As HR professionals or team managers, we are constantly trying different ways to analyse and improve upon the job performance of our current staff. But wouldn’t it be far more useful and beneficial to predict the job performance of staff before we employ them?

Many HR professionals and managers involved in the recruitment process are still holding onto outdated misconceptions about the best ways to assess and rank candidates. Organisations continue to use structured interviews and reference checks as their only means of assessing candidates. These methods are relevant but, on their own, provide only a glimpse into the candidate’s suitability for the job.

To get the full picture, we need to look at candidates from different angles. Research shows that if we want to dramatically increase our chances of choosing high-performing candidates, we need to start using multiple assessment methods during the selection process.

In recruitment, the easiest thing to do is the same thing we’ve always done. But it’s always worth double-checking the process to consider what we could be doing better. To have the greatest chance of picking the right person for the job, it’s worth checking that we’re using the most effective tools to assess our candidates in the first place.

So, which hiring selection practices work best?

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