To get to grips with recruitment changes and challenges, it’s our abiding belief that you need to take a 360o view, both to assess candidates and to understand the latest recruitment and HR best practices.

Over the past decade, HR and recruitment techniques have changed radically, with technology advances and social changes bringing about new recruitment tactics and best practices.

We’ve summarised our most recent research and on-the-job experience into this handy knowledge guide. You’ll find practical ways to improve your recruitment outcomes and sidestep common HR pitfalls.

If you have missed the weekly chapters, you can now download the complete Science of Selection whitepaper:

  1. How to avoid unconscious bias
  2. How to recruit for emotional intelligence
  3. How to conduct incisive interviews
  4. How to use multiple assessment methods
  5. How to use data analysis and algorithms

Download The Science of Selection whitepaper now.

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