Small Business Month Webinar: The Small Business Guide to Letting Employees Go – The Right Way

October 28, 2019

Webinar available for viewing

It’s essential that terminating a staff member’s employment complies with Australia’s workplace rules and employment law. Unfortunately, many smaller businesses slip-up with how they dismiss their staff.

Small Business Month Webinar: Managing Employee Performance in Small Business

October 21, 2019

Webinar available for viewing

How well your team works together underpins business results. In particular, poor workplace performance can damage team morale, customer relationships and business productivity.

Small Business Month Webinar: Sidestepping Pay Compliance Risks for Small Business

October 14, 2019

Webinar available for viewing

Inadvertently giving staff incorrect pay or entitlements ranks as one the greatest business risks that SMEs face.

Small Business Month Webinar: Managing Employment Law Risks in a Small Business

October 08, 2019

Webinar available for viewing

Unwittingly breaking employment law is a grave risk that many SMEs face. To manage employment law risks, it pays to understand the sources for Australia’s employment laws.

360HR adds hospitality and tourism to its recruitment bow

August 05, 2019

We are very pleased to welcome our newest recruitment specialist, Andrew Martin, to the 360HR team.

An experienced HR professional joins the 360HR team

July 31, 2019

We are very pleased to welcome our newest HR professional, Sobha Nair, to the 360HR team.

GIS: From Science Fiction to Reality

June 13, 2019

Hollywood’s job is to tell a grand story and there’s nothing better than losing yourself in a flight of fantasy, especially if there’s a ludicrous and fantastical car in there for good measure. Think Knight Rider, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Back to the Future, and Mad Max.

Congratulations to Sydney Hills Business Chamber

October 02, 2018

Sydney Hills Business Chamber Award

360HR Norwest is proud to announce the shared achievement of its Senior Associate, Nigel Rayner.

360HR’s Myreen Aronowitz appointed to NSW Diversity organisation’s Executive Committee

June 19, 2018

Diversity Matters NEEOPA Annoucement

Diversity matters to us at 360HR and we are really pleased to announce that 360HR’s Senior Consultant, Myreen Aronowitz has been appointed to the NEEOPA Executive Committee.

A FAB time was had by all

September 28, 2017

Friends and Business Guest Speaker

360HR Director, Di Pass, was a guest of FAB, Friends and Business, last night.

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